Blue Lotus and Lily Farm Snapshots!

Jul 19, 2014 by

We went on a road trip to a lotus and lily farm with Celina, Toby, Sefie and Luke!

Violet’s Lunar Park Snapshots

Jul 12, 2014 by

A few weeks ago we all went to visit Lunar Park, it’s such a typical Melbourne tourist thing to do! We want to visit more of the places around town that are typically Melbourne :D

Last week you saw James’ photos, this week I’ll show you mine ^_^


James’ Lunar Park Snapshots

Jul 5, 2014 by

A few weeks ago we all went to visit Lunar Park, it’s such a typical Melbourne tourist thing to do! We want to visit more of the places around town that are typically Melbourne :D

James took his camera out too for a change so I’ll show you his photos this week and mine next week!

White Night Melbourne – Snapshots

Jun 28, 2014 by

After hearing how much fun it was last year, we decided to go to White Night this year.

My Week In Photos – Melbourne Snapshots

Jun 21, 2014 by

It’s been a really long week. Also Lottie is a lion.

Miss Marple’s Tea Room – Melbourne Snapshots

Jun 14, 2014 by

When James’ parents visited us recently we all took a drive up to the Dandenong ranges to visit Miss Marple’s tea house. It was adorable!

Queen Victoria Night Markets – Melbourne Snapshots

Jun 7, 2014 by

This week I made microwave fudge and it was AWESOME.

High Tea At The Windsor- Melbourne Snapshots!

May 31, 2014 by

We were lucky enough to be able to have high tea at the Windsor with James’ parents when the last visited and it was so much fun!

Even the trams were getting in the 1920′s mood for us ^_^

My Week In Photos -Melbourne Snapshots

May 24, 2014 by

I’ve had a very crazy week, I kind of like leaving all of these photos uncaptioned because then you have to guess why on earth I’ve been taking photos of a broken deer head XD

I hope you’re all having a lovely one! What have you all been up to?

Rub My Tummy Humans! – Melbourne Snapshots

May 17, 2014 by

Lottie says… what? Shut up and rub my tummy more Human. Yeah baby.

A Week In Photos – Melbourne Snapshots!

May 11, 2014 by

My week in photos, I hope you are all having a lovely week!

One Of Those Weeks – Melbourne Snapshots

Apr 26, 2014 by

Snapshots time!

This week was one of those completely random weeks that seems to make no sense at all. Even the weather is very confused.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful lights in the city. This market stall had little feathers all over the inside, it looked quite magical!

Oh Miss Lottie – Melbourne Snapshots

Apr 19, 2014 by

Oh Miss Lottie. You provide never ending entertainment. Also, that lasagne is not yours and you are not Garfield.
You shouldn’t try to steal chips from people, it’s bad for you. And you are terrible at judging the height of things in relation to yourself.


Architecture time! Melbourne Snapshots!

Apr 12, 2014 by

Why do I let James be in the background of my photos? Or any of them for that matter…
It’s been ages since I’ve featured architecture time and I really miss it! So today please enjoy some photos of beautiful architecture around Melbourne.

Delicious Food – Melbourne Snapshots

Apr 5, 2014 by

This week’s snapshots is all about food. Delicious, delicious food.

Miss Lottie’s First Trip To The Beach – Melbourne Snapshots!

Mar 29, 2014 by

We’ve wanted to take Lottie to the beach since she was little but traveling with her on public transport is a pain in the butt so we waited until we could plan a proper day out with our friends.

Riverside Picnic With Miss Lottie! Melbourne Snapshots!

Mar 22, 2014 by

Melbourne is too unpredictable for picnics. It was supposed to be amazing weather but the entire time we were relaxing at the river it was chilly and windy!

Lottie couldn’t care less though!

Make Luck Happen – Melbourne Snapshots

Mar 15, 2014 by

This random footpath drawing is something that I believe in above all other things. Luck doesn’t just happen, it’s something you control!

Home Sweet Home- Garden Update

Mar 12, 2014 by

It seemed a great time for a Home Sweet Home Garden update… mostly because everything in our garden is pretty much dead haha!

Where I Walk – Snapshots!

Mar 8, 2014 by

This post continues on from my last Where I Walk series of photos. I think Melbourne is just as beautiful as Europe so I was interested to see what I could capture here!

Dinner at Vu De Monde! Melbourne Snapshots

Mar 1, 2014 by

For Celina’s birthday we went to Vue De Monde. Holy bajeebus was it fancy. Basically it’s known for being a bit avantgarde and experimental with food and it certainly didn’t disappoint.


Lottie Is Growing Up! Pomeranian Puppy Snapshots

Feb 22, 2014 by

Today’s snapshots is dedicated to Miss Lottie because she’s growing up so much!!


Let’s Go To The Beach! Melbourne Snapshots

Feb 15, 2014 by

I promised myself that we would visit the beach at least once before it got cold again.


Raspberry Picking -Melbourne Snapshots

Feb 8, 2014 by

We went berry picking a while ago and it was so pretty in the fields.


Melbourne In Summer- Snapshots

Feb 1, 2014 by

Snapshots time! One last bunch of pre-2014 photos!


Summer Time New Years Eve – Melbourne Snapshots!

Jan 25, 2014 by

As with all NYE photo posts we have to start with the obligatory fireworks photo.


Every year I’m like “Nope, no more photos of fireworks, they all look the same.” … but… so…. pretty…Billy-Idol-Day-2013-Melbourne-Blog60598

Billy Idol Day Feast Snapshots

Jan 18, 2014 by

Snapshots time! For Billy Idol Day, James decided to cook a massive feast. It was so huge it had to come out in courses because it didn’t all fit on the table. Like he bought a turkey that weighed more than Lottie. Seriously. We ate turkey for so long after that it was ridiculous.



Any way I promised to explain the concept behind Billy Idol Day in the simplest way possible so here it is…

I don’t like big holiday celebrations, James was used to having big holiday celebrations… we compromised by agreeing to celebrate something we were both totally into: Billy Idol. Because he rocks. Also he did the most awesomely terrible Christmas album, complete with hilariously awesomely terrible music videos. And it kind of grew on it’s own from there. We did it a little bit bigger each year and now Billy Idol Day is our own little family tradition.

Hopefully that answers that!

Happy New Year, Long Time No See!

Jan 15, 2014 by


So I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned extended break. It was due to a combination of unexpected real life events, which meant I just couldn’t keep up with things online :(

But new year, new start and even though I don’t generally do resolutions I’ve been working really hard in the first two weeks of this year to make sure I have a whole lot of fun tutorials built up so that if something like this happens again it won’t matter so much. I think if I work extra hard now I’ll be able to have a bit more control over my life which would be awesome!

The schedule I’m working to this year is going to be a little different too, I’m still working to get videos filmed and edited but my aim is to have a weekly plan of:

Monday: Blog post tutorial
Tuesday: Video quick tip
Wednesday: Blog post tutorial
Thursday: Video tutorial
Friday: Blog post tutorial
Saturday: Blog post snapshots
Sunday: Run down of the week’s vlogs

The blog posts are starting again on this schedule starting today and my aim is to build up some videos to start posting them by the beginning of February.

So that’s about it, just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing 2013, 2014 is going to totally kick it’s butt with awesomeness!!


Yummy Waffee Waffles- Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 21, 2013 by

You know what’s awesome? Eating waffles. You know what’s better than regular waffles? Waffee waffles!!!!


MT Tape Expo – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 14, 2013 by

A different version of snapshots today. Here’s my week in photos ^_^ I think most of them probably have more meaning without me explaining them.


Snow White And The Evil Queen – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 7, 2013 by

I found a bunch of photos of photos from an expedition that Celina, Tobias, James and I did to film her Snow White video. Behind the scenes for the win! Seriously, go watch that video btw, it is awesome!

I was standing in for the Evil Queen for the day.


Spring Green House At QV- Snapshots

Nov 30, 2013 by

We should kick this week’s snapshots off with Miss Lottie!



How To Plant An Awesome Window Box Garden – Home Sweet Home

Nov 27, 2013 by

Well Home Sweet Home continues! Definitely not as fast as it was in the beginning of the year but we completed our next big project: Home Sweet Home garden!


Flowers and Foods – Melbourne Snapshots

Nov 23, 2013 by

This is a nature themed Snapshots! Well nature and food… I like food.


Favorite cupcakes ever are from Cupcake Central in Melbourne Central, the guys there are always SO nice.

Tullip Festival – Melbourne Snapshots

Nov 16, 2013 by

Before we went off to Switzerland we visited the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Ultimate photo opportunity!


Our European Trip V-Logs!

Nov 9, 2013 by

Ok last trip post for a while but I wanted to show you guys the vlogs we filmed on our trip!

So that’s it for now! Where should we go next? I’m thinking Japan!

Violet’s Watercolour Travel Diary

Nov 8, 2013 by

I always have such grand plans of relaxing when we travel. This time I went to the effort of making my own diary to paint in and everything… and barely used it because we were so busy! I am so not good at relaxing!


Beautiful Scenery From The Grand European Expedition

Nov 6, 2013 by

Something else Europe had? Awesome scenery! Everywhere looked like a postcard. It made me wonder if people think that about any country that they don’t see day in day out.

For example this was the bus stop we waited at in Germany. It was covered in fog and still freaking scenic!


Beautiful Architecture From The Grand Europe Expedition

Nov 5, 2013 by

You guys know how much I love looking at interesting architecture so it wasn’t really a shock that most of the photos I took on our trip were of some really amazing buildings. Zurich is a city much like Melbourne which is a mix of very old and very new. It’s interesting seeing the two mix together in a city that is very proud of it’s heritage!


Beautiful Flowers From The Grand Europe Expedition

Nov 4, 2013 by

The flowers in Europe were amazing and everywhere. I couldn’t believe that it was Autumn and there were still so many flowers everywhere! It’s Spring in Aus and there aren’t that many here ;_;

The colours were so vibrant and amazing. I think most of these photos are just going to be gratuitous use of my new macro attachment…


Delicious Food From The Grand Europe Expedition

Nov 1, 2013 by

Ok kids, it’s time for some serious European food loving. While we were in Switzerland pretty much our number 1 priority was eating… and we did a lot of it. So get ready to be hungry because this is all food!



Violet And Jimmy’s Grand Europe Expedition Part 1

Oct 31, 2013 by

This trip was provided in part by Foxtel.
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By now you can all guess that James and I went to Switzerland and Germany recently ^_^ After struggling (and failing very badly) to beat the jet lag of coming back I thought I would finally share some photos with you guys! I’m going to do a basic run through in this post but I took sooo many photos that I’ve got some special themed posts to put up as well so look forward to flowers, architecture, food and more soon. There are daily vlogs going up on my channel now as well which will be posted here when they’re all up.



The Beginings of Violet and Jimmy’s Grand European Expedition

Oct 29, 2013 by

So as you guys might have guessed, we made it home alive! Very long flights, over 2400 photos and videos between us, a lot of walking and far too much cheese later we are back and super jet lagged!

While I go through all of the emails, edit the photos and vlogs and get everything else back on track I thought I would start with a series of photos that I took while we were over there. I want to continue this series here in Aus too. It’s really interesting to see places I walk at a different angle!

Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more trip photos!










Bonus photo from the other side of the camera of me setting up one of them!


See You In Switzerland!

Oct 14, 2013 by



So in case I haven’t mentioned it a billion times already, we’re going to Switzerland today for 10 days! YAY! I’m super excited as we’ll be spending time in both Zurich and across the border in the Black Forest in Germany. It’s going to be so much fun. This is the first time I’ve had a holiday where we’re actually going to relax and do holiday stuff (not just work) since like… 2007! So excited to eat cheese, chocolate and do very little other than take photos!

Business out of the way first, I won’t be replying to emails while I’m gone. In fact I probably won’t even be checking them so please don’t be mad if you don’t get a response from me.

I probably won’t be posting or uploading videos either so I’m not distracted on the trip. I will most likely be instagraming when I have internet access so…

Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date!

The third issue of The VLB is scheduled to come out early next week but as I’ll be away I’ll be sending it tomorrow morning! It’s travel themed so make sure you sign up below if you haven’t already to get it in your inbox!

Anyway, I’ve got to go get my last minute stuff together so I’ll see you all when we get back! Have a great time while we’re gone!


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Happy Birthday Miss Lottie!

Oct 12, 2013 by

Guess who turned 1 recently?


Melbourne Through A GF6 – Snapshots

Oct 5, 2013 by

So remember last week I mentioned that I had ordered a new camera and was excited about Snapshots again? It arrived and I’ve been having WAY too much fun with it!

It’s a tradition in our house that the first photo of a new camera has to be a family portrait. Lottie really isn’t so into family portraits as I am though and she likes to ruin them by trying to lick you in the face as soon as she realises what’s going on -_-’

So this time my first photo was…


Melbourne Snapshots! The Digital Show

Sep 28, 2013 by

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I have done snapshots posts! I think it’s partially because I’ve been in a bit of a slump and partially because my camera screen had issues. I’ve got some of my spark back now though! We went to a photography show a few weekends ago and I entered some competitions, it really got me excited about taking photos again. So I saved up and ordered a replacement for my camera, then I made a new strap and I feel good about it. Taking photos is fun again!

So the weekend of the camera show I took some photos with my old camera. They are just random shots of that weekend, so I hope you enjoy the snaps!

Next time I’ll do proper descriptions but I think sometimes it’s nice to let the shots speak for themselves and you can see what inspired me this week ^_^




My Week In Vlogs – August Week 2

Aug 18, 2013 by

How are we half way through August? This year is going so fast! I can’t believe we’ve actually kept up daily-ish vlogs this long too XD

My Week In Vlogs – August Week 1

Aug 11, 2013 by

This week was a really big week for us because James’ family came to visit! It was so much fun even if the weather was pretty terrible. How has your week been?

My Week In Vlogs July Week 5

Aug 4, 2013 by

It’s been a short week! James’s parents are visiting this weekend so I haven’t been online as much. It’s actually really nice to have a break and it’s making me inspired to do a lot of other things and actually plan tutorials… I look forward to actually writing some new tutorials soon, it’s been far too long!

Hope you’re having a great week!

My Week In Vlogs July Week 4

Jul 30, 2013 by

As you guys know I haven’t been very well this week and there’s been a lot of real life drama going on but things are looking up now so this week should be great even though I’m a bit behind with things!

Hope all of you guys are having a great week so far :)

My Week in Vlogs July Week 3

Jul 21, 2013 by

Another week down! This week has been quite busy for me so I haven’t been online very much. More tutorials coming this week though!

My Week in Vlogs July Week 2

Jul 14, 2013 by

Another week another lot of vlogs! This week was marked by shopping far too much for silk ties and trying to learn how to silk paint! This week I’m hoping to have a craft week!

My Week In Vlogs July Week 1

Jul 7, 2013 by

Has it been a week already? Do I say that every week? I clearly have no concept of time >_< There are never enough hours to do all the things that I want to!!

My Week In Vlogs June Week 4

Jun 30, 2013 by

I can’t believe it’s been another whole week and it’s the end of June *_* this year is going SO fast!! I completed a big knitting project this year and I’ve finished some long term projects. I have a lot of tutorials coming up this week for projects that have been waiting for ages. I’m excited anyway XD

My Week In Vlogs June Week 3

Jun 23, 2013 by

This has been a really long week! I’m one vlog short because I’ve been so under the weather. Oh well! Hope you all had a great week!!

My Week in Vlogs June Week 1

Jun 9, 2013 by

The first week of June hurrah! It’s been a very hectic week but most of the work has been in front of the computer so the vlogs are very Lottie-centric this week :D

My Week In Vlogs May Week 5

Jun 2, 2013 by

We’re at the end of May and it was officially over yesterday! I’m having so much fun with the daily vlogs though that I’ve decided to continue for the next month too :D

Hope you had a great week!

My Week In Vlogs – May Week 4

May 26, 2013 by

May is almost over already! I hope you guys had an awesome week

My Week In Vlogs May Week 3

May 19, 2013 by

Another week had already gone by *_* Eeep it’s almost my birthday already?! Time is flying this month. I’ve spent most of this week filming like crazy so I can be ahead with videos and have more time to do longer tutorials like the Sew Fun series. Exciting!

So here is the week in vlogs!

My Week In Vlogs May Week 2

May 12, 2013 by

Week 2 of the May V-Logs is over! It’s been a fun week, hope you’ve had a great week too!

My Week In Vlogs May Week 1

May 5, 2013 by

It’s May and that means it’s a month of vlogs! I’m excited! I have a lot of plans that I want to do this month!


Hope you’re all having a good week. I can’t believe it’s already May, this year is going SO fast!

Cheese, Beaches and Flowers – Snapshots from QLD 2

Apr 24, 2013 by

On to the next day of our Queensland trip!

There weren’t any tours because it was Easter but we sat down for a very cheesy lunch.



Here is the matching vlog, there are bits from The Big Pineapple there too!

I made fun of Celina and Tobias for not being able to finish their deep fried Brie… then I failed too >_>


Snapshots From The Sunshine Coast And Brisbane

Apr 18, 2013 by

A couple of weeks ago Celina, Toby, James and I visited the Sunshine Coast!

We had a mad dash to the airport because of James’ stupid McDuff luck >_< I bet I wouldn’t be as stressed out at airports if he didn’t have such bad luck!!! Below with my new Hideo Wakamatsu suitcase. I’ve decided that it’s officially pretty enough to counteract James’ terrible airport luck.



Anyway we made it to Brisbane late on Thursday night and had late birthday dinner with James’ parents and brother. Then we made the drive up to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast… James and I had a bet on exactly how long it would take to get there. Teeeeechnically he won but I’m still disputing that though >_>

We crashed early that night at the Zanzibar unit and woke up to this in the morning:


10 Tips To Pack In Style – Win A Hideo Wakamatsu Beauty Case

Apr 11, 2013 by

As you guys know, we recently did quite a bit of traveling. I get a lot of questions about how I pack so I thought that doing a video in the style of the Friday Fun ones I used to do would be the easiest way to give some tips! I’ll be bringing back the Friday Fun videos soon too so let me know if you have any requests!

Luggage is from: http://www.hideo.com.au/

If you want to win a Hideo Wakamatsu beauty case like mine just check our this blog post: http://www.violetlebeaux.com/2013/04/10-packing-tips-win-a-beauty-travel-case-from-hideo-wakamatsu
This competition is for Australian residents only. .

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10 Travel Tips.

Hello we’re currently on holidays in Brisbane. We got back a few days ago from The Sunshine Coast and now we’re staying at James’ parent’s place.
Trip? That means time for packing tips!
I get a lot of questions about how I fit all of my clothes and junk in because I try to pack fairly light.
So I thought I would just make a video and show you guys!
Travel Tip #1.
Get the best suitcase you can afford. Hard case with 4 wheels is my favorite.
Two wheels is not enough, two wheels is never enough!
The four wheel ones are so good because you can pretty much push them around with a finger.
And I’m not very strong so I need a suitcase that wheels itself.
So for this trip I’m taking my new pink Cherry Blossom suitcase.
It’s from Hideo Wakamatsu and they were nice enough to send it to me.
My suitcase is a bit different to most other suitcases because it has a lot of other extra features.
For example it has a little coat hanger that comes with it.
It also has these dividers which unzip and then the second one on this side which clips down over here.
So when you open the suitcase everything is completely flat and nothing will have moved around which I really like.
Travel Tip #2
Use space bags or smaller bags to separate everything.
By space bags, I mean these vacuum sealed bags, I’m sure they have other names in different countries.
Even if you don’t plan on vacuuming them up they are really useful for dividing things and then if you have to open your suitcase in the airport or at your destination nothing will have moved around inside.
So you won’t get an avalanche of junk falling on you. k
Tip #3.
Bring a scarf.
Especially scarves you can crush up and they basically stay the same.
This one goes will pretty much everything, it’s light enough that it’s good for summer but when it’s bunched up it will keep you warm in the airport.
I hate being cold on planes
Tip #4
Pick good crushable fabrics.
I like to take things made of chiffon because they are floaty and breezy for a holiday but also easily crushable and they never crease.
You could roll this skirt up and throw it off a cliff and it would still look like this.
You know, unless it got snagged on some branches or something or a condor stole it and flew away and ate it because it thought it was a fish.
I don’t know what condors eat…
Chiffon is really good so I always pack lots of chiffon.

Turn on captions or visit my blog for a full transcript.

Win Beautiful Bracelets From Earth Jewel Creations

Apr 9, 2013 by

This giveaway was sponsored by the Earth Jewel Creations.

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As you guys know, we recently took a trip to The Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The Snapshot posts and vlogs are coming but I couldn’t wait to post about this! One of the highlights of the trip was visiting The Big Pineapple to see their new markets and meet Jo from Earth Jewel Creations. The Big Pineapple has really changed a lot since I was a kid but I’ll post more on the when I write up my Snapshots!

Earth Jewel Creations is one of the permanent stalls at the markets and having seen Jo’s handmade jewellery online before I was quite excited to try some on.

Jo was lovely enough to allow me to do a giveaway with some of her jewellery so you guys can enjoy it too, the details are at the bottom of the post!

Here I am with Jo trying on one of the jewellery wraps.


The store specialises in jewellery made from beautiful gems as well as hand stamped customised charms.


The pieces I was most interested to see on our visit were the suede jewellery wraps. They are adjustable so you can wear them a lot of different ways (one of my favorite things ever!) and they come in a lot of different colours and with different charms.



The big ball charms are detachable too so you can move them around.


Jo was nice enough to give me a White Magnesite/Pyrite wrap and I made a video on all of the different ways to wear it:

Queensland Holidays!

Mar 28, 2013 by

Today we are heading up to Queensland to do a whirlwind tour of the Sunshine Coast and then spend a week in Brisbane. I won’t have much time to update so I thought you could keep up with me here! Check back everyday for more photos and I’ll be uploading daily mini vlogs before I have proper internet again in Brisbane to upload the real blogs :D

We haven’t scheduled a proper meet up but on Saturday morning we will be at The Big Pineapple markets from around 9:30 if anyone wants to come say hi!


Visiting Canberra for #humanbrochure Day 3 – Snapshots

Mar 1, 2013 by

This trip was sponsored by the Human Brochure Campaign.

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Hello! Time for Day 3 of our trip to Canberra :D

Read about Day 1 here!

Read about Day 2 here!

Read about Day 3 here!

Day 3 was the last day of our Human Brochure trip and it was both happy and sad. I was really looking forward to collapsing in a heap at home but I was also having so much fun in Canberra that I would have liked to stay a couple of extra days to do the things we missed out on like going to the Zoo etc.

We were up bright and early to check out of East Hotel, James went down for breakfast but I opted for a few extra minutes sleep XD



And the vlog from the day, my favorite part is Lottie’s reaction to us coming home at the end!


Bye beautiful hotel room that was bigger than my apartment, I’ll miss you ;_;


Visiting Canberra For #humanbrochure Day2 Snapshots

Feb 28, 2013 by

This trip was sponsored by the Human Brochure Campaign. For more information on sponsored posts check out this FAQ.

Hello! Time for Day 2 of our trip to Canberra :D

Read about Day 1 here!

Read about Day 2 here!

Read about Day 3 here!

This was a pretty action packed day and probably my favorite of the three.

We started off the morning with breakfast at the OX eatery in the East Hotel. It was a buffet of pastries and fruits. I managed to snag a soft boiled egg too which was delicious. Apparently even the gigantic mirrors couldn’t stop me from looking like a bit of a tool when applying my make up XD





And here’s the day’s vlog:

After breakfast we were split into two groups and headed to the buses. One group went to Parliament House while our group went to the National Library. I was really glad to be in the library group… because you know, books>politicians.

Visiting Canberra For #HumanBrochure Day 1 – Snapshots

Feb 27, 2013 by

This trip was sponsored by the Human Brochure Campaign. For more information on sponsored posts check out this FAQ.

It’s been a long time since I put up a snapshots post! Mostly it’s been because I haven’t really done anything interesting, this year so far has seen me sitting behind my computer a lot. That’s going to change soon though because we have a lot of trips coming up which I’m very excited about. It’s nice to get out of the house once in a while and when you’re being invited all over Australia that’s even better!

Recently we were asked by Canberra Tourism to take part in their Human Brochure campaign. Basically what that involved was being flown to Canberra and shown the sights to prove that it really doesn’t suck as much as everyone thinks it does. No seriously. I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I’d never been to Canberra before so I had the same impression of the city as most people I know: pretty small and not much there other than public servants and politicians. James remembered it from his last trip there: the only place in Australia where you can buy fireworks. We were both actually pretty wrong as we didn’t see 1 politician and you can no longer buy fireworks XD So with those misconceptions out of the way how was it??

Read about Day 1 here!

Read about Day 2 here!

Read about Day 3 here!

Well we were on the “Arts” leg of the tour and the weekend was so packed with interesting things that I’m going to have to break it up into each day *_* So let’s get started!

Canberra-Tourism-Human-Brochure-7912   Here is our first day’s Vlog:

The Hallway- Home Sweet Home

Jan 8, 2013 by

Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: The Hallway!

Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:

Just like the rest of the apartment, it’s light and airy. It’s amazing what a little paint and paper can do!

Craft area

This is what our hallway used to look like. It was basically a dumping ground for things which didn’t have another home. The craft area was particularly bad because every time someone offered me some kind of supplies I would just dump them there on top and not even think about it. The other problem area was the shoe rack which was never neat.

VioletLeBeauxP1070111_18252 Photo spam:



The bathroom door is covered with mirrors in our colour scheme. I’m planning to add more to it too.


My shoe rack is organised and themed. The pretty paper makes it so much brighter, I love it! Now I just need to limit myself to not getting any more shoes… as if that’s going to happen >_<


Sneaker obsession partially survived my shoe cull:


Things now actually have their own places in the craft area. Again the lighter shelves make it easier to find things.



My absolute favorite part of the craft area is Quinn my mannequin. She was a gift and she makes everything so much easier to sew and display!


She looks super pretty when she’s doing it too!



My drawing and painting supplies are organised (no more empty pens that I keep because they’re pretty) and seeing them so often makes me want to use them.


All of the smaller craft supplies are organised in little containers so if I want to use them I can just take that container elsewhere then bring it back.



Over the other side the glass panels are decorated with James’ photography. There are only small prints there at the moment but I would love to get some really big ones. I also painted and added leaves to the tree here. I am changing the leaves every season so in Autumn they’ll be orange etc, it’s a silly thing but it’s a really fun way to mark the seasons :D


Background information:

The hallway in our apartment is quite wide and unfortunately it takes up a lot of space which would be better used as living space. It’s an odd width because these buildings used to be offices a long time ago and were only cut into apartments later.  The apartments are quite small and don’t have a huge amount of storage space so we had to add in a lot more shelves. I think keeping this are nice looking wasn’t actually that difficult, it just takes a little bit of self control and making sure I put stuff away straight away rather than dumping it and doing it *later*. When I tell myself I’m going to do it later, later never actually comes and we end up with things like the “before” photos XD It’s amazing how much brighter everything looked after I painted and decoupaged the shelves (which was actually James’ idea!). It’s such a little thing but it makes such a big difference! My favorite part of this hallway is the bathroom door which now has the mirror installation. I love the colours that I painted everything and I am planning to get more and more mirrors to hang there until the entire door is covered.

Changes made:

  • Shoes organised and cut to a reasonable number
  • Shoe rack decoupaged with nice paper
  • Clothes drying rack reorganised
  • Craft shelves painted
  • Craft shelves cleaned out and reorganised
  • Photo wall fixed up and tree painted
  • Mirror wall added
  • Removed second clothes rack

Still to be done:

  • Not 100% happy with the craft shelves, I’d like to do a little more with them
  • Adding more mirrors to the mirror wall

Final thoughts:

I think the hallway is so much brighter these days. It’s function but it’s not cluttered and dark any more. It feels like a hallway that’s leading you somewhere nice rather than towards a hoarder’s house XD

Bonus progress photos:

The shoe rack was reasonably organised though the shoes were spilling everywhere and they weren’t arranged in any particular way.

VioletLeBeauxP1060109_16933 The craft area went through a lot of different versions as I tried to organise supplies. Really what I needed to do was get rid of the useless things I was hoarding. VioletLeBeauxP1080424_19424     Various shelves on the craft area before they were organised.


Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: the bathroom!

The Kitchen – Home Sweet Home

Jan 7, 2013 by

Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: The Living Room! Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:

My kitchen today is light, follows my pink and green colour scheme and has some actual form of organisation!


Looking at the kitchen the way it used to be makes me cringe. I can’t believe it used to be so messy >_< We kept a lot of food here considering it was an apartment, the stupid thing being that it wasn’t stuff we needed. Most of the things that were on these shelves were there because we impulse bought or we had several half finished packets of things. It wasn’t needed!


Photo spam:

Starting with a shot of the whole kitchen/lounge area to get an idea of space. You’ll notice the sleepy puppy in the kitchen now haha!

Stunning-Kitchen-Pink-Stipes 2


The kitchen is very standard for an apartment this size. I’m very glad there’s an oven and dishwasher though as I saw quite a few that didn’t come with them.



The bench has my favorite change: the covered backsplash. I am planning to change that out for a green one a bit later though as I think the stripes aren’t exactly what I envisioned.



On the right side the appliances are now organised. I made a hanging hook thing to get some of the stuff off the bench. I love the idea of hanging hooks and being able to put things up and away because the space up there is pretty useless otherwise.


On the other side I created a little matching system of drawers in pink/green and stacked our other things over the top. I’ll be moving the hot chocolate etc into matching containers eventually so it will   be even more matchy.



I think it’s the smaller details that really made the kitchen. Having everything in similar colours and  with similar patterns really made a big difference visually.



The kitchen is a fairly functional place but having small decorated touches doesn’t take away from the functionality, it makes me very happy.



Background information:

When we moved here we saw the kitchen and lack of storage space and thought “Pft, who cares, we’ll eat out all the time and we’ll drop by the grocery store every few days”. Did that happen? No. We did exactly what we previously did and shopped every few weeks and had no money to eat take away >_< Going to the grocery store? Pft no, we order online now and just pick up little things at the store when needed. So that’s how we somehow ended up with all of this crap. Our kitchen appliances and things didn’t fit anywhere either. This place had minimum bench space so it’s impossible to keep many appliances, the lack of actual storage space means you can’t even really keep them in the cupboards because they’re very thin. When we started here we didn’t have a proper fridge, just a mini fridge so it made things easier as the space where the fridge was could be used for extra appliances. The kitchen was one of my hardest areas to redecorate because no matter how I organised things the gigantic blue backsplash still wasn’t the right colour to go with what I wanted. It was the last thing I put in here and it really changed the look. This area is the place which still needs the most work but it’s stuff which will gradually be replaced and changed.

Changes made:

  • Removed 2 sets of shelves
  • Added coloured backsplash
  • Made mini shelves for bench storage
  • White board for fridge
  • Reorganised benches and cupboards
  • Started replacing broken things like crockery with the correct colours (green and pink)

Still to be done:

  • Possibly replace pink backsplash with a green one
  • Replace the rest of the appliances/crockery/cutlery so they all match
  • Do something about ugly black bench

Final thoughts: We rent so there’s only so much I can do in areas which have been already decorated. When I own the house I’ll be doing bigger things like repainting or adding new backslashes but for now I’ve made a big enough difference to be happy with the kitchen. I don’t spend as much time in here as I want to (James does all the cooking) but as I spend more time baking, I find the changes are making it more enjoyable. I actually like being in the kitchen baking now… that can only mean good things as it makes me want to bake more :D

Bonus progress photos: The Home Sweet Home page from my diary that I never actually posted.

VioletLeBeauxP1070461_18573 P1070038P1070039

With all of the cupboards open. The one above the rangehood is only a few inches deep so you can only keep spices there. The one next to it has blocks of wood drilled in so plates can only be a certain width. The one below the sink has a bunch of piping for the dishwasher so it’s very thin too. I think whoever designed this storage had never actually lived in a house before, don’t even get me started on the bedroom cupboards!! P1070044

These were the shelves we originally had in here, the white one on the right slides into the wall (super unhelpful) and is built in. The middle one was completely falling apart so I repaired it and gave it to James for his photography stuff. The black one was repurposed for our clothes. VioletLeBeauxP1060886_18126

It’s a bit ridiculous that I managed to fit everything from the two left shelves on to the the right one with some organisation and actually chucking out things which I shouldn’t have been keeping.


Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: the hallway!

The Living Room – Home Sweet Home

Jan 4, 2013 by

Welcome to the first room in Home Sweet Home: The Living Room!

Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:




Looking through my hardrive makes me wish I’d taken more photos before so I could show what a big difference there’s been. I didn’t take many out of embarrassment >_< This is a before but it was a lot worse than this for the first 8 months.


Photo spam:

I really suggest clicking the panoramas to get the full view! You can spot a very sleepy puppy in a lot of them ;)

Violets-Kawaii-Beautiful-Living-Room-Decoration side


The view from the kitchen. The cherry blossom windows look particularly awesome on the middle window.

Violets-Kawaii-Beautiful-Living-Room-Decoration back

This area typifies the theme I wanted to have for the apartment: Spring.



This is my favorite part of the entire house. This is the window I spend pretty much all day every day staring at. I wanted something to inspire me and I absolutely love it. Every time I look at this window it puts a smile on my face. It’s partially because that container is usually full of M&Ms and partially because it’s beautiful ;)





One more because I love it so much. It seems ridiculous but this just feels *right*.


My noticeboard and photo wall. For Christmas James bought me a gift to Printstagram so I will be getting our photos printed to fill this wall up with happy memories!



The new couch with the rug I spent months crocheting. I made all of those pillows other than the green one too. The speakers I recovered are on the sides.


I crocheted the spiral cushion and the others were made of old dresses. I am most proud of the rug though, it took me so long and I was basically making it up as I went along. If I could stand the idea of spending the next year crocheting I would make one big enough to cover the carpet in our room. It took 10 balls which we got half price at just $2 each!



The tv area is now no longer a mess of cables. Everything has a place.



Background information:

So the lounge is the most important part of the apartment, it’s the area I spend the most time in and I like it to be nice and relaxing. When we came from Brisbane, we didn’t bring any furniture at all. Everything that came down with us was in our car. Not much fit in the car! We bought appliances like the tv, fridge etc when we moved in but didn’t have much left for furniture. Luckily we had some very kind friends who gave us a desk and a folding chair as a start. Even luckier, our apartment had a hard rubbish removal day a few months after we arrived and we were able to salvage some really awesome things including our tv table, rug and a big table we used for a while as my desk. We managed to get the antique couches from a family downstairs who were collectors but also out of room. They were my favorites for a very long time but they were in very bad shape. I wanted to restore them completely but they were too far gone for me so I  ended up having to give them away in favor of something newer. I hope the lady that has them now can restore them to their former glory!

You guys will remember that I made some removable curtains for the middle window. We struggled with them for around 6 months before I decided that they just didn’t fit with the look. I absolutely adored them but with the door being broken behind them and therefore very hard to open in Summer they had to go. I actually prefer it this way now that the cherry blossoms are up because it gives a complete view when all of the blinds are up. I reused the fabric from one of the curtains in the bedroom which you’ll see later and once the window is properly fixed I will think about putting something similar back up again.

Changes made:

  • Couches replaced
  • Rug replaced with handmade crochet rug
  • Everything rearranged
  • Side table painted white
  • New table cloths for all of the side tables
  • General cleaning
  • New decorations for the sliding doors
  • Tv table rearranged
  • Inspiration area added
  • Broken speaker system fixed and covered
  • Tv area reorganised
  • Curtains made then removed
  • Stars on windows replaced with cherry blossoms

Still to be done:

  • Not totally happy with the tv area, need something else, or something less or a better set up.
  • Debating whether I want to keep the sliding doors the way they are or whether I would prefer a different set up.

Final thoughts:

I love my lounge room now. This is possibly the room I love the most. This room has gone through the most changes since we moved in but it’s the one I’m the most proud of. When I sit and look out the window at my special flower area I feel relaxed and that’s really what this was all about!

Bonus progress photos:

The tv area with the first version of the inspiration area on the left. The table next to it used to be just full of whatever junk I was using at the time and needed to clean away quickly.



The day our new couch was delivered the whole place was super messy and trashed. They delivered the couch broken too so we had a week and a half trying to fix everything >_<



I was so happy to get rid of the red rug, it made the room so much brighter!



The end of couch moving day, enjoying being comfortable. Lottie totally approved  of having her own place on the couch now ^_^



My pretty area started out as Lottie’s area while we were toilet training her XD



Everything was very Lottie-centric at this point ^_^


Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: the kitchen!


Welcome To Our Home Sweet Home

Jan 2, 2013 by




So almost a year ago I started The Home Sweet Home Project. It was my aim to stop procrastinating about decorating my house and actually do it. We rent and because of that I had a tendency to not bother with decorations or actually making places feel like home as I didn’t know where we would be in 6 months or a year. It didn’t seem like a good mentality and almost a year later I can say that I’ve made a lot of really positive changes both in our home and the way that I look at things.

The day we moved in, I was so excited:

Sneaker Sunday Week 7


You can read the full original Home Sweet Home post over here but I’m going to go through my original goals and show the progress I’ve made.


The first meal we ever had in the apartment, James got Subway and I had Okonomiyaki. Note the lack of furniture and the cardboard boxes next James which will soon be turned into furniture XD

DSC_1144jpeg copy

So what was I trying to get out of this project and do I think I’ve completed it?

  • To make every part of the house pretty without losing functionality.
    With our budget and time allowance, we’ve done amazingly well. There are still areas which need improvements but I am really proud of the progress we’ve made so far! The house looks like a completely different place. When we moved in, I had to make our furniture out of cardboard. How times have changed!

Me putting together my cardboard furniture right after moving in. Having to cut up all of those heavy boxes really cut up my hands too:

DSC_1158 - 2010-06-01 at 1 copy


  • To spend as little money as possible.
    We stuck to our budget because we bought as we found things cheaply and made most of the big things from scratch. The biggest purchase we made was a new couch for the lounge room and that was actually a gift from my Mum so I was very lucky in that area!
  • Regain my creativity and problem solving skills.
    I feel invigorated. I lost my inspiration in some areas (mostly drawing) but I found it in others. I think that’s just the nature of inspiration though isn’t it? If we were inspired all the time it wouldn’t feel as awesome coming up with something new!
  • Replace all ugly things.
    We’ve made some real progress on this. Most of the things which now need replacing are in the kitchen and as I have no intention of wasting things I’ll be replacing them as they wear out.
  • Practice decorating for our real home.
    No matter where our first “real” home ends up being I know that the lessons I’ve learned here will allow me to decorate it with ease! I’m absolutely looking forward to moving there too and hopefully it will be this year!
  • Stop procrastinating!
    I’m not completely sure I managed this one >_> I mean I’ve stopped several times while writing this post to watch Poirot over the top of my laptop… but I have gotten a lot of things done! I have worked very hard this year at making our house nice. I guess a little procrastination isn’t really a bad thing as it gives time to relax when you haven’t scheduled it. I tend to schedule everything so perhaps embracing procrastination (to a point) as my brain’s way of saying “Enough is enough!” is the right thing to do at the moment.
  • Surround ourselves with beauty .
    I think I’ve checked this off very well!
  • Stop waiting and start DOING!
    Well and truly DONE!

So overall I think I’ve made a pretty damn good go of this project and while I know it’s never going to be completely finished I can be comfortable at calling this finished :D

For the next week I’ll be posting one room per day with before/afters and everything that’s happened in between. I hope you enjoy them!

The coming year…

Jan 1, 2013 by

Holy bajeebus it’s 2013 *_*

When did this happen?? It feels like 2012 was barely a year at all! Even if it didn’t feel very long, 2012 was a really great year for me. There were some pretty terrible parts but I think we had a lot more good than the bad and that’s what counts. This last year will always be remembered as the year we brought Lottie home with us and I don’t think there’s anything better than that!

You’ve probably noticed that there have been a couple of changes here, mostly in the layout. Well really this is just the start of things that I have planned for 2013. I have a really fantastic feeling about this year, I think some massive things are going to happen.

I don’t generally do resolutions as such but there are some things I want from the year and some more changes I’d like to make.

I’d like to start enjoying life more as I’m living it rather than just looking back and thinking how awesome it was later. I’d like to stress less about things. I’d like to try to do one fun thing a day and not live behind my computer screen 100% of the time! I’d like to explore the city I live in and do some traveling.

To put it into an actual list so I feel more accountable for crossing them off, I’d like to:

  • Take Lottie to a beach because her reaction would be adorable.
  • Paint and draw more because it’s fun not because I have to.
  • Do things in general because they’re fun not because I have to.
  • Start learning languages again.
  • Go strawberry picking at a place which actually has strawberries!
  • Spend more quality time with James when we aren’t working.
  • Bake more cakes!
  • Find a way to get the Bergamot plushies into production even if it’s just locally.
  • Continue adding to my Home Sweet Home.
  • Move to a different, hopefully bigger apartment.
  • Enjoy as much of 2013 as I can without stressing about what’s going to happen later! I want to take evenings and weekends off, I want to learn to work smarter not harder and I want to enjoy life more!

I think those changes will eventually effect you guys here too because while this blog is about crafting and beauty it’s also about my life. My personal tastes and obsessions reflect here, I mean I don’t think I need to remind people when we had almost of month of pompom crafts because I was obsessed! So I guess that this post is just a beginning, it’s the foreword to the next year’s worth of posts, it’s a heads up to change and it’s extremely exciting!

So what can you guys expect this year from me?

  • Tutorials! There are lots of new ideas and techniques I want to try out this year and I will be sharing them here as always.
  • Videos! Videos are one of my favorite things to make at the moment so I want to incorporate them more here. The format of the videos is going to change a bit this year, rather than having round up posts like we’ve always had, vlogs will being going into the Snapshots posts and tutorials will have their own posts each. This means there will be 2 video posts during the week now instead of one. I think this format will allow me to write more about the videos, keep the tutorials section much more organised and add extra details to the posts including photos, tips and Q&As.
  • Hair! This is something I’ve been listening to a lot of feedback about. I understand that it’s not always easy to follow video tutorials for hairstyles so I’ll be redoing some of my old video tutorials as photos and coming up with more new photo tutorials for hairstyles.
  • Quality! I think sometimes I get really bogged down into the idea of *having* to post a certain number of things. I always want to do 7 posts a week, 2 video tutorials, vlogs, cuties posts etc plus all of the social media. With that mindset there have been times I’ve found myself last minute trying to put something together and it not being the quality I expect from myself. This year I’m focusing on quality more, I want to take amazing photos and video. I want to put the amount of time that I used to be able to put into writing posts back when I only did 3 a week.
  • A little of everything! Like I mentioned earlier, this blog has always been inspired by the things I’m feeling and doing at the time. I have a short attention span and I like to try new things so you  can bet that something new and exciting is going to take my fancy this year. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to share it all with you guys :D

So this all starts today, the new layout is inspiring me to do things. I feel like crossing things off my to do lists. I feel like busting out my watercolours. I feel like settling down with some homemade jam with brie on toast, a cup of tea and crafting!

I’m going to kick the year off tomorrow by showing you guys my completed Home Sweet Home. That’s something I’ve been working on all year and it’s nice that it’s finally come together. I feel inspired living here now and I know I can take the things that I learnt to the next house and beyond.

Anyway, total props if you managed to get through that gigantic wall of text!

tl;dr? This last year rocked but this coming year is going to be even better!

Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2012 by

Happy New Year everyone!!


I hope you all had a wonderful year and the next one is even better.

We are celebrating by checking out the fireworks and chilling with friends. I’m hoping I can do some paintings tonight too :D

This year has been full of ups and downs for us, I know next year will have many more ups than downs and I have so many plans and ideas to put into action now!

I had a great time with you guys here on the blog, youtube and all of the social networking sites I’ve been on this year.

I’m kicking off the new year tomorrow with some big layout changes on the blog as well as outlining what I hope to make of the year. Then I’m going to do a reveal of the completed Home Sweet Home project! I can’t even explain how excited I am about that :D


Hope you stick with me for next year, it’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait!


Architecture and Flowers – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 29, 2012 by

It’s been so rainy lately, I love it!


The city looks so beautiful in the rain.

Happy Billy Idol Day, Merry Christmas or Whatever You Celebrate

Dec 25, 2012 by

Happy Billy Idol Day!! (Or you know whatever you guys celebrate…)

We are having an awesome day out together and playing Assassins Creed Revelations :D

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day too whether you’re spending it with family, reading a book or like we are: eating a heap of delicious food, playing video games and napping together as a pack! It’s so awesome having some time off to relax and be together.

If you want to get in on the action please enjoy listing to Billy Idol’s terrible/awesome Christmas album. If you want to skip right to his non-Christmas awesome songs that’s acceptable too ;)

Billy Idol – White Christmas

Billy Idol – Jingle Bell Rock

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Picnic At The Botanical Gardens – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 22, 2012 by

Guess who got to go running around the park for the first time at her very own picnic?


The answer is JAMES!!

No seriously it was Lottie.

Rainy Day Photos – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 15, 2012 by


We like to go out on rainy days. I love the rain so much.

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Dec 14, 2012 by


Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year and show you how I made our Christmas cards this year! I guess it’s really more of a thank you than a tutorial because it goes so fast but you can pretty much get the idea!

To make your own here are the steps!

You need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Photo
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Ruler

To make the cards:

Fold a piece of paper in half and cut it so that there is even space around the photo. You can trace around the photo so you know where it goes.

Draw an X between the corners.

Cut out the middle section leaving enough of it to be able to fold back and create a frame.

Fold the flaps back to create a frame and glue down.

Get another piece of paper and fold it in half.

Cut it down to the same size.

Sandwich the photo in and glue it all together.

Write a nice message inside and decorate it.


Happy Holidays, Thanks For A Wonderful Year!

Dec 12, 2012 by

This is almost like a Friday Fun video… except it’s Wednesday :D Totally counts though… Just wanted to say thank you all for a great year, I can’t wait for next year!

Bergamot’s website: http://www.bergamotbunny.com
Bergamot’s store: http://violetlebeaux.spreadshirt.com/ .

Automatically translated by machine. Hello everyone!
Just a quick video today to let you guys know about all of the cool things which are happening in December!
And keep you up to date with everything.
You guys might know that on my second channel, every couple of months we do a whole months of vlogs.
We’re doing that in December again.
We did it in December last year and it was really fun and we figured why not!
Make sure you head over to my second channel which is… somewhere.
It’s VioletsVlogs and subscribe if you want to keep up to date with us in December.
And we’ll be doing lots of cool and random things including live morning make up, I think we’re doing the Boyfriend Does My Make Up tag today which is going to be interesting.
We’ll see how that goes!
There’s heaps of footage as well, my little puppy.
She’s always running around and getting in between me and the camera.
Also I know a couple of people have been asking about the Bergamot Bunny stuff.
There’s actually a whole new range of Bergamot merchandise available for Christmas/the holidays/whatever.
So many sure you check out her website and store.
There are heaps of cartoons going up on her website too every couple of days a new thing pops up.
And Lottie’s featuring in those too because you just can’t keep her out of things!
Much to Bergamot’s irritation.
That’s about it.
This video was just to say thank you guys so much for supporting me all year and I can’t wait for next year, I think it’s going to be so much fun!
If you have any requests, as always let me know!
Thanks so much again!
Violet cuts out paper with scissors and puts it together in fast motion.
She decorates is and then writes a note.
Dear subscribers. Happy Holidays!
Love Violet. Thanks for everything this year and look forward to next year, it’s going to be big!

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Adventure Time, Summer and Curry – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 9, 2012 by

Late Halloween snapshots are late XD

I was Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time and James went as Finn. Lottie was Jake too but she declined photos haha.


It’s time for another month of Vlogs!

Dec 7, 2012 by

Hello! It’s that time of year again, it’s time for a month of Vlogs!

We were off to a bit of a bumpy start with them but we’re getting along find now!

The first lot are going to be posted here today and the rest will be included in the Round Ups on Mondays from now on.

Now I have a phone with a good enough camera and I can upload directly from the phone I’m finding it much less stressful than the last two months I did so I’m considering just keeping going with them. Though I say that at the beginning of the month, we’ll see how I feel at the end XD

Day 1! Introductions

Day 2! Baking Apple and Custard Pies

Day 3! BBQ and Daiso

Day 4! The Boyfriend Tag

Day 5! Thrift Shopping

Day 6! How I Cut My Fringe

See you all tomorrow :D

Fabric Shopping – Melbourne Snapshots

Dec 1, 2012 by

It’s snapshots time!

Oh Australia, cheap signs like these are why overseas tourists become so confused about our wildlife. Why is a koala the baby on board the kangaroo?!


The State Rose Garden – Melbourne Snapshots

Nov 24, 2012 by

This week I made some strawberry cheesecake which I’ll hopefully perfect and be able to post the recipe of soon!


Ridiculous Places Lottie Naps

Nov 18, 2012 by

Lottie loves napping in weird places. I think she’s kind of a weird dog, she’d have to be a little weird living with us haha.

Lottie sleeps in a blanket burrito.