How To Store Jewellery

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Jewellery is something that I tend to reorganise every couple of months. At the moment I’ve found a storage solution that I really like as it doesn’t take up much space, it cost under $10 and it hold all kinds of jewellery not just small of big things.

My finished shelves:

daiso jewellery tree38 How To Store Jewellery


It’s made of 2 pink storage trays and a glitter Christmas tree from Daiso.

daiso jewellery tree29 How To Store Jewellery



I took apart the glitter Christmas tree using a very strong pair of pliers. It was quite difficult to remove the pieces cleanly without getting glitter everywhere.

daiso jewellery tree32 How To Store Jewellery

In the end I gave up trying to be neat and just did a big clean up afterwards.

daiso jewellery tree33 How To Store Jewellery


I tend bent the tree with the pliers to make the bottom totally flat and slid it onto the top of the tray.

daiso jewellery tree35 How To Store Jewellery


Then I used the heart cut outs to hold all of my earrings :D

daiso jewellery tree39 How To Store Jewellery


Around the bottom of the tree I keep my rings and the lower levels have space for big items like necklaces and  bracelets.

daiso jewellery tree36 How To Store Jewellery

Nice and easy! Hope you enjoyed!


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