How To Do A Plaited Headband With A Pouf Hairstyle Tutorial

Feb 1, 2013 by

Hair tutorial time again :D I am pretty happy with how regularly I’ve been able to get these done, the new set up makes me so much more motivated. Now I just need to finalise my video set up with some new lighting and I’ll be set!

Today I’m showing a basic small pouf style with two plaited headbands.


Start with clean brushed hair.


Pull out a small piece of hair from the nape of your neck.


Now plait down the whole length of the hair and tie off.


Repeat with another piece of hair on the other side of your head.


Put those to the side of the moment while we make the pouf.

Pull a large section of hair up from the top of your head.


Pull it forward on an angle and then use your brush to lightly tease/back comb the back of the section.plaited-headband-instructions21

Now fold it backwards gently so the pouf is as high as you like and pin in place. I like to shape it with my hands so it’s nice and round. You can fluff it up with your fingers too. If you don’t like the shape just pull it up and start again.


Now grab one of the little plaits and pull it up and over your head to the other side. It should sit at the part between fringe/bangs and pouf. You can pull the side bits of hair behind the plait for a smooth look or leave them in front for a soft look. Pin the plait on the other side of your head, mine reaches just behind my ear but as long as it goes over half way you should be fine.


Now pull the other plait to the other side. it should cover the end of the first plait. Tuck the end of it under the first plait and pin in place.


If the ends are really obvious then pin a little of your loose hair over the top. Give the whole thing a burst of hairspray.


And that’s it! I like to curl the ends of the loose hair so it’s a very floaty soft look but I think it works really well straight too.




I hope you enjoyed the tutorial :D

I’m going to continue doing these as regularly as possible so if you have any hairstyle requests please let me know!



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  • http://tokio-princess.blogspot.com/ Nagareboshi

    Oh wow, that is a lovely hairstyle! I must try that, but my hair is only shoulder length, would it still work?

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      I think it would still work, just maybe take slightly higher sections to plait, so long as they meet at the top of your head it should be fine!

  • http://candypow.com Crissy

    This is very cute, I’ve got to try this out..

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Thank you and good luck!

  • http://thefashionatetraveller.com Leanne

    Simple but SO effective! This is my first visit to your blog with the new layout and I LOVE it!! The photography too is just so lovely, light and delicate.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Thank you so much :D I’m really loving the new layout too!

  • http://lani-loves.blogspot.co.nz Lani

    Gosh, this is adorable! I really have to try this! xx

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      You should totally give it a try!

  • http://www.nerdburgerjewellery.blogspot.com Nerd Burger

    Love it. I wish my hair was long enough to try this one.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      You should be my shorter hair model!! Seriously, if you would be interested in being victim for a day let me know :D

  • http://abeautifulstory.net Sarah

    Hi Violet, I really love this! :) I also like the photo tutorial format as if I’m on my smartphone it doesn’t take long for it to download. :)

    I hope Miss Lottie is well!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      I’m very glad it’s quicker to load! Miss Lottie is doing much better now!