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Yay for more hairstyles :D This one is a big rolled vintagey style. I did a video on this one quite a while ago which is at the bottom of the post along with the downloadable version!

Let’s get into it, start with brushed hair.



You will need a hair sausage or something which can be put in the middle of the roll to pad it out. I did a tutorial a while ago on how to make your own sausage so check that out over here.



Start by brushing your hair backwards leaving a small section on either side of your face.



Decide roughly where you want the end result to sit on your head.



Gently hold the hair up like this:




If you don’t have a hair sausage you can use pretty much anything in that shape. Even a couple of clean socks rolled up will do ;)

Flip the ends of the hair over the sausage like this:


Gently roll the sausage and hair towards your head.



And it should end up like this:



Fluff out the sides so it covers the sausage completely. Pin it in place using bobby pins.



Now give it a a decent helping of hair spray.



Next curl the sections of hair you left down at the front.



You can leave them down like this as a softer version of the look.



Otherwise you can just fold the hair up so it follows the same curve of the roll and pin in place. It should hide the ends of the sausage completely.



Now just style your fringe.



As a finishing touch I like to add a some flowers at the top of the roll or a string of pearls.



All done!


This is a great style for summer as it keeps the hair off your neck.



For those of you who prefer videos here it is! I’ve been having some technical issues with embedding videos so if it doesn’t show up just leave me a comment and I’ll get it up again >_<


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  • http://angelshinigami.blogspot.com/ Kathleen

    So pretty and elegant! I want to try this style out when I go visit family ^_^

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      :D Good luck! It would look so pretty with your hair!

  • Victoria

    Violet, I’m curious, have you ever done a tutorial on how you keep your bleached hair so healthy and are able to grow it long? I’ve been following your blog for awhile and can’t remember you saying anything like this. Do you have any advice besides “don’t cut it” or do anything special? I’m curious because hair bleached that light is rarely so long, I almost never see it even online. I bleach my hair as light as yours (no pink though) and right now it’s the longest it’s ever been, even from before I ever bleached/dyed it and was trying to grow it out. It’s a shock to me because I thought my hair had a certain terminal length it would never grow past and now it’s actually even longer than that. If I could grow my hair as long as yours I would be really happy!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Hey Victoria! I’ve done a hair routine video on my youtube channel which I can’t remember if I posted here or not. Unfortunately I don’t have many tips, I try to avoid heat styling if possible, I trim off split ends as soon as I find them to avoid it getting worse and I’ve been using baking soda as shampoo for around a year which good results. That said I think a lot of it depends on the condition of your hair when you start bleaching and also making sure you don’t overlap when you do the roots so everything is only bleached once rather than over and over if that makes sense? If you google my name and “hair routine” the video should come up, otherwise feel free to email me and I’m happy to talk more about hair :D

  • http://princesscupcakescakes.blogspot.co.uk/ Charlotte

    I love this style, it’s one of my favourites.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Mine too!

  • http://entertainmentmesh.com/ zavera

    OMG! I love her hair :) I wish mine was that long!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Aww thank you :)