Dolly Wink Lashes Finally!

Dec 18, 2012 by


After what seems like a very long time I finally managed to try out Dolly Wink lashes. They were given to me by my lovely friend Glo-w who sent the cutest care package. Considering they retail here for $30+ I was really apprehensive!

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  • Becky

    $30?!?!?!?!? I think I pay less than twenty for them here. I can not believe those prices!! I justify buying them because they are sososo nice and comparable in price to the MAC lashes I also use. I just can’t believe that though… I mean who buys them at that price anyway???

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Totally agree, I’ve actually seen them here for very far upwards of that too >_< I think a lot of people just buy them out of “oh I’ve never seen this in person” novelty. Australia’s prices are like that in general, we pay around double for anything you’d buy in the US and then retailers here complain when we buy online!

  • Lulu Marie

    Go on ebay. You can get them for half the price there.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      That’s definitely the best option!

  • http://howtofeedawookie.blogspot.com Wookie Wifey

    Koji, the company that makes Dolly Wink, also makes a cheaper line called “Spring Heart” you can get on amazon much cheaper. I got a pair for my birthday from hubs (the “natural cute” ones) for about $5 + shipping and LOOOVE them. Totally swear by them. As I understand it, the Dolly Wink line is only more expensive than the usual Koji things because of the model that endorses them, but the quality and style is basically the same.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Oooh that’s so good to know! Thank you so much for the info I’ll go see what the Au prices are like!

  • April

    Sad they are so expensive in Australia! Where did you live before you lived in Australia anyways?

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      I’ve always lived in Australia, I traveled a lot as a kid though :)