Violet And Jimmy’s Trifle Battle 2012

Nov 16, 2012 by

It’s time for Trifle Battle 2012!

In the left corner we have Violet’s Mini Snack SizedTrifle!


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  • http://www.nessbow.com Nessbow

    Oooh, so hard to choose. But, I think I’m going to have to vote for James this time around. I love the fresh blackberries on top of that giant trifle!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Nooooooo XD My nemesis!

  • reece

    I’m voting Violet. I love her jelly decoration. Also James’ berries on top are a bit mushed/unappetizing.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Ahaha total win!

  • http://DexStudiosDesigns.blogspot.com Becky

    The way my mom used to always make stuff like this was in a wine glass to start…and there wasn’t custard or jelly. It was just vanilla wafers (ask James if you can’t buy them in Aus), chocolate pudding, and white (pick flavor) pudding in layers. It’s been a long time since she’s made them tho!

    As for the vote…I can’t decide!! I like your design, but James has blackberries and it’s super huge, so…I take both!!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      That sounds yummy! I’ll have to give that a try too :D

  • http://angelshinigami.blogspot.com/ Kathleen

    Violet’s snack triffle looks so cute!!! I’d totaly eat that!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Woohoo take that James!

  • http://ainanoire.blogspot.com Aina Noire

    Both look amazing.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Thank you :D