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12 School Friendly Hairstyles and Rose Garden OOTD

The first video today is another request. I get many comments and emails asking for school appropriate hairstyles and looks. It’s a bit hard to answer because every school has different rules. When I was at school the thing I worried about the most was sleeping in slightly more XD With that in mind I made a video with 12 different styles which are quick, simple and don’t require much explanation. Really they’re basic styles just jazzed up a bit using hair accessories. Really, accessories are the key here to make these plain looks more interesting!

Next some cute Lottie goodness!

Next up is a rose themed outfit of the day video. I really enjoy making these :D We filmed this one in the state rose garden, so pretty there!

Now some more footage from the family visit! This pretty much wraps it up from the visit :D

Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^