New Decoden iPhone 4 Case

May 8, 2012 by

My iphone case was getting a bit beaten up and dirty so it was time to change it up for something new and fun!

The end result!


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  • http://domesticminxes.wordpress.com Del

    What a great idea to make your own inserts! Absolutely love it :D
    I have a funny shaped phone so I don’t think I’d be able to do this with mine though :(

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Aww that sucks, that’s the one good things about iphones, there are lots of case options!

  • http://riechanster.blogspot.com Riechan

    Omg genious idea!! Now I’m hoping to find some interchangable cases for my phone. *searching* nope, none :( I did find a hard case! Can’t wait to deco ^^

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Aww :( What kind of phone do you have? Maybe they don’t advertise them as interchangeable cases :(

      • http://riechanster.blogspot.com Riechan

        a samsung galaxy mini. But I’m going to try some things with contact paper.

        • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

          Definitely give the contact paper a go, that might be your best bet!

  • http://lolitadewdrop.blogspot.com/ Lolitadewdrop

    I only have a Nokia E52 so I don’t get cool covers like these, I really wish that I could deco my phone without damaging it. Yours looks amazing!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Oooh if yu want to deco without damaging it you could just lay down contact first then you won’t need to worry!

  • Brittany

    next one should be filled with pink flowers and pearls

  • http://beautifulichor.wordpress.com Alsatia

    I think a Bergamot one would be amazingly cute! Thanks for the tip on the interchangable covers – that is such a brilliant idea! I did my first deco case this year and just love it. I’m not tired of it yet, that’s for sure. Although I might need to do a more low-key case for when I’m carrying my phone around in my motorcycle jacket. Then again it’ll be really funny when I pull it out all blinged up. ^.^

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Haha that sounds like it would be cute!

  • http://samispoon.blogspot.com/ Sami

    This is amazing and a great way to have several case designs!!
    Colour me impressed :D

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Clearly the sign of another addict!

  • http://helloandkawaii.blogspot.com Taylala

    So pretty and very inspiring! I can’t wait until I can afford to start Deco-ing.

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      :D Thank you! I hope you can start soon too!

  • http://www.funkenwagnel.com Sharon @ Funken Wagnel

    So cute! What a great idea to bring some variety in. I agree with Alsatia, a Bergamot one would definitely be great:)

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Bergamot for the win!

  • Alifay

    Lovely design!! Would love to see closeups of it!!! Love the idea of making your own sliding plates … so cool!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      I’ll see if I can add some more close ups :D

  • http://retrowombat.tumblr.com Quynh

    What is the ebay store/link to buy this case??

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      I can’t find it anymore but the brand is Eri :)

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  • Jenn

    Where do you find cases with removable backings?? i love the idea of being able to change them as often as i want! beautiful!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      They are from Ebay :)