My New White Painted Make Up Table- Home Sweet Home!

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Yay for another Home Sweet Home post finally :D

Honestly I feel like with this project I finally made some kind of progress with the apartment. The little details always make a difference but sometimes you need something really big to show the progress properly. I hate working for a long time and not being able to see results, that’s why I can never stick to one craft at a time I just get bored too easily.

So this vanity is both my most loved and least favorite piece of furniture in the house. I loved it enough to drag it down from Brisbane and I hate it because it doesn’t look good with the style of apartment and it really darkens up the room.

Also after a few days of use it looks like this…

violetlebeaux vanity table diy 50184 15686 My New White Painted Make Up Table  Home Sweet Home!

clicktoexpandvioletlebeaux My New White Painted Make Up Table  Home Sweet Home!

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