Rough Guide To How I Recycled My Filofax

The last few weeks have made me really sick of the calender programs on my iPhone. I miss pen and paper, for like 8 years I used my trusty black leather Filofax for everything and it was with me every single day. Then I got my phone and I got caught up in all the applications so the filofax started gathering dust. After a few years without it I missed the poor old thing! I drafted my very first comic book in it so it’s very nostalgic! ^_^

Filofax Tutorial

Unfortunately the whole black leather thing doesn’t really go with my look anymore and with no cash to spend it was time for a re-think! There’s no point it just sitting there doing nothing, Filofaxes are there to be uuuused!

Digging into my fabric scraps box I found a couple of pieces for inspiration :D I think this post is more of a guide than a tutorial because I’ll just give you the general idea and you can take it and run with it how you like rather than making exact versions.

Filofax Tutorial