Outfit of the day Post- Nuffnang Meet up!

May 12, 2010 by

Ok clearly I haven’t been cam-whoring enough lately because you girls have actually been asking for outfit photos!

I suppose I have been doing a lot of crafts XD

I think it’s because I’m trying to use up a lot of my supplies before we move so I don’t have to bring them with me!

So a couple of weeks ago Nuffnang threw James and I a going-away party :D

This was my outfit for the night…

Nuffnang Meet up

I hope you weren’t too distracted from the outfit by the hideous carpet!

Heehee I made a new hair bow from the left overs of the Nuffnang shirt, it says “We <3 Bloggers”!

Nuffnang Meet up

Of course it was a fairly small turn out because for some reason Brisbane bloggers don’t like hanging out! We had a blast though! Below left to right is Wouter, me, Tash and James is taking the photo.

Nuffnang Meet up

I’ve been trying to take more effort with my make up lately too and try out looks I wouldn’t normally wear. The next day I tried out this purple/pink eyeshadow combination and I really like it!

Nuffnang Meet up

I’m loving anything with glitter in it at the moment ^_^

Nuffnang Meet up

I’m wearing my green lenses here. I love how much they contrast!

Nuffnang Meet up

And one without the flash to show the sparkles:

Nuffnang Meet up

The biggest news I have today is that in 10 days James and I are moving down to Melbourne! EXCITING!

What this means is that for the week leading up to leaving and the week we get there I am going to be crazy busy trying to find an apartment and setting everything up there. I’m still going to be posting as usual and I’ll schedule posts for when we’re driving down but it means I won’t be able to reply to comments and emails as quickly as I do now because we won’t have as stable internet.

Don’t worry I promise I will answer every single comment and email eventually, it will just take me a little while!

It’s a really big move for us and hopefully it will lead to lots and lots of really exciting things in the future so please bear with me for now! We are driving all the way down so I’ll bet there are going to be lots of silly road trip photos and videos for you soon :P

Have you guys ever moved city before? It’s a bit scary, I think I need a moving cities outfit ;) Love Violet

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  • http://shmuberry.blogspot.com/ Shmoo

    Adorable~  as always! =D I love the eye make-up too :)

    I never moved… but my hometown is 6 hours from where we live: my bought a house here and kept one in our hometown before I was born… I haven’t been to my hometown in 5 years =( I’m getting nostalgic now XD

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thank you! I’m trying to experiment much more with make up. Oh 6 hours is a long way away! You should take a trip back home in your next holidays :)

  • http://www.hearmumroar.com/ Hear Mum Roar

    I love the outfit! How wonderful that you got a party in your honour!

    As you know, yep, I’ve moved recently. From Sydney to a tiny country town four hours away. I wish you all the best with your move!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D It was lovely even if it was very… intimate hahaha! Thanks for the well wishes, hopefully it will all go smoothly!

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  • http://www.shahrulhairy.blogspot.com Shahroll Photo

    Awesome.. i like your dress up.. owww for Nuffnagers meet up? have nice meet up ya.. =)

    from Nuffnager Malaysia


    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Yep Nuffnang meets here in Aus :D Yay for Nuffnang <3

  • http://www.nakasnet.blogspot.com Naka

    i really like ur outfit and have a safe trip to melbourne^^
    I’ve moved country and it was hell deciding what to take back with me since I only stayed for one year :p

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thank you Naka! Oh no that would be hard to decide what to take back!! I think if I moved to Japan I would have to order a shopping container to carry all my stuff back!

  • http://jilliancat.blogspot.com Jillian

    The thing I <3 about you is that you always care for your readers. :')

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aww of course I care for you all! Without you lovely people reading I wouldn’t have very much reason to write! And you girls are all such lovely people <3 Thanks for commenting Jillian!

  • http://clippingimages.com/ Rebecca N. Hassan

    pretty eyes! and makeup ofcourse!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thanks!

  • rumtum

    loved the make up!! really lovely colours!! :D
    hmm… i’ve moved country and suburbs before. does that count?
    ps. moving sucks!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Haha that totally counts! Moving country would be much worse because you would have to have anything big shipped *_* I am much too materialistic to leave all my stuff behind hahaha!

  • http://tikidoll-twitch.blogspot.com/ Tikidoll

    I did the move from bris to melbourne, big move but glad I did it. Now I’m about to move house so its a moving kind of time right now.

    Hopefully I’ll bump into you around town.

    Happy packing ;)

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Haha everyone is moving at the moment it seems! Good time of year for it XD I’m really excited to come to Melbourne, and yes it would be lovely to bump into you, I’ll be the girl complaining about freezing to death hahaha!

  • http://stalkingeyecandies.blogspot.com LishyWishy

    Hi Violet!!

    Welcome to Melbourne (soon)!!

    I’m quite excited that you’ll be moving to Melbourne!! :D
    (I’ve been a silent reader for a while now! >_< Forgive me!)

    I've moved about 10 months ago from Adelaide to Melb. It was hard!! Packing too forever! @__@
    Had to be very organized so I kept note of each item that went into every box (into an Excel file) because when it's time to unpack, it can be crazy trying to find anything.

    How are you planning to move all your stuff?
    I used SmartSend to help me transport all my furniture and heavy books!

    Hope that everything goes well! Hope you'll love Melbourne and its crazy weather! :D


    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thanks so much Lisha! Packing does take forever >_< I'm so sick of boxes! We're actually taking all of out items down in the car with us, we're only taking the very bare necessities which is scary but also makes it feel more like an adventure! I'm really looking forward to the crazy weather and finally being able to wear real winter clothes!

  • http://www.fablesinfashion.com Sirene

    Your makeup is stunning! :)

    Plus, you coming down to Melbourne means we can meet up again :D

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thank you! Also yay for meet ups! I definitely want to meet up again, I think there is a tea party in the works again as a welcoming party once we’re settled in heehee!

  • http://www.bittenbefore.com/tokyolife yumeko

    woo melbourne
    i go there once a year cos my husband is from melbourne

    i have never moved cities before but i have moved countries..about 12 – 15 times in my life so far

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Oh that’s a lot of countries!! So far I’ve lived in over 20 houses but only 3 cities, Melbourne will be the fourth :D I’m very excited!

  • http://naaea.blogspot.com Alina

    LOVE THE BOWS you make on the outfit !
    Is fashion to have bows now on outfits!
    Maybe i can do it myself instead of buying clothes with bows!

    Thanks Violet !
    You inspire me !

    Your reader,

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thanks Alina! Absolutely bows are really easy to make, perhaps I should do a tutorial on how to make lots of different styles of bows :D I hope you’re well and your exams aren’t too hard <3

  • http://melludee.blogspot.com Melody

    (Woah I have not commented here in ages :| Sorry! )
    I really really like the green lenses ! I’ve ordered blue and purple ones so hopefully they’ll turn out alright :3 ! And I really like how you used the left over shirt material for the hair bow xD It matches nicely is super cute :3

    YAY YOU’RE MOVING DOWN TO MELBOURNEEEE !! Maybe I’ll get to meet you in real life one day and I can take pictures of your awesome outfits xD !!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Haha you don’t have to apologize for not commenting silly :P I really want some blue ones too, my purple ones are still definitely my favorites though! I totally love the hair bow too, I think it tops off the outfit :D and YAY MELBOURNE! I would totally love to meet up with you once we’re settled! Yay for photos too, heehee it’s definitely a given that there will be lots of photos with two bloggers meeting up XD

  • http://cherrycolors.com Tamara

    YAY! Your make up improved a lot <3! I'm loving it!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thank you! I’m practicing a lot!

  • http://augustquaintrelle.blogspot.com Millie August

    Your outfit is so sweet! Also loving your makeup <3 Purple and green is a great combination.

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aww thank you Millie! I love purple and green too :D

  • Jaede

    Looking as adorable as ever, but that carpet, it did catch my eye …………… hehe………….You will be fine moving to a different city, you should try moving to different countries, now there is a challenge. What a wonderful drive it will be, so much to see. Can’t wait for road trip photo’s

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Omg yes the carpet *_* It’s very… 1970′s. I’m totally looking forward to the drive, James will be driving so I’ll be free to take lots of photos and video! Yay!

  • Sara

    I thought I would give you a helpful tip on ironing your clothes without ironing them. (I hate ironing!!!). If you put your clothes in the dryer with a slightly wet wash cloth or sock for about 15 minutes on a medium or delicate heat then the wrinkles usually fall right out. I wouldn’t do this on clothes with hard pleats, but most of your clothes don’t appear to have those.

    I always think your outfits are so cute!


    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thanks for the tip Sara! I have been quite lazy with ironing while we’ve been living in this house (we’re only in one room so there’s not for a big ironing board *_*) I’ll have to give the wash cloth a try while we still have a dryer, when we move we won’t have one and I’ll actually have to iron again! Then again, this skirt doesn’t stay ironed no matter what I do, it was made in the 50′s or 60′s so the fabric doesn’t have any of the fun anti-wrinkle fabric technology so it requires starch ;_; Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Ellie

    Ooh, welcome on down! Bring your cosies though, it’s COLD!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thank you! Everyone has been so lovely in welcoming us, I can’t wait to come and actually meet you all! Oh yes I am stocking up on the layers, I can’t believe how chilly it’s getting even up here *_*

  • http://kittysdrawings.com Esz

    YAY you’ll be in Melbourne so soon! I think we need to have High Tea to celebrate!
    Good luck finding a rental! And you guys are buying soon too right? All the best for that also!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      YAY!! So close now :D Yes high tea sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to see you guys again and I think James is looking forward to having someone to talk to about classic cars again LOL! I’m crossing my fingers that finding a rental shouldn’t be too hard, we’re looking for right in the middle of the city and have a decent budget so hopefully it shouldn’t take very long *crosses fingers* We’ve put buying on hold atm because the banks are pretty much sucking so we’ll do a 6 month rental and see how it goes :D Exciting!

  • Loli

    May I ask what brands those eye shadows are? They are lovely! And it all looks great :-)

    Best of luck with the move. Looks like it must be the moving season. I moved around a lot as a kid and I’m moving from Canberra to Sydney in a few months. Exciting but nerve wracking!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      The pink and black are Bourjois and the purple is a random mineral pigment that I got samples of almost a year ago! Oh that will be an exciting move for you, good luck with it, and yay moving season!

  • http://www.victoriablackie.blogspot.com Vicky

    i love ur shirt, i love ur bow, i love ur eye lense, they are all so match on you! :D

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aww thank you so much!

  • Savvy

    Oy have I moved…

    Let’s see, I live in the States and have lived in 3 states, and within those states I have lived in about 7 cities (some part of a metroplex so within an hour of each other). Soo, I definitely feel your pain! Have fun with the move!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Ick that is a lot of moving! *_* Thanks for your well wishes!

  • http://deathwearsdiamondjewellery.wordpress.com sarah hannah

    too cute!!! love love the eyemakeup too

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D Thank you!

  • http://www.berrytravels.com Celeste

    It will be AWESOME with you here in Melb. We will hopefully be able to hang out more often!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D YES! I can’t wait to do another tea party, it’s going to be so much fun!