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I’ve been saying I’m going to do this Hime Gyaru FAQ for such a long time now but I just kept putting it off and avoiding it. I find writing things like this very difficult because there is so much about fashion, especially those whose roots are in a different culture, that is subjective. Writing essays on the subject is not something I want to do, I would be much more at home making some hair bows!

Also please note that these are just the conclusions that I have come to from my own research and opinions. I am not the be-all end-all authority on the subject of Hime Gyaru. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I am just writing in response to the huge number of questions I receive on the subject so I don’t keep having to repeating myself.

About The Hime Gyaru Style:

What is Hime Gyaru?

-Hime Gyaru is a street fashion which originated in Japan. The literal translation of Hime Gyaru (姫ギャル) is Princess Girl. It is a fashion subculture which centers around dressing  and (depending how seriously you take it) living life like a princess.

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  • http://adulterousellie.blogspot.com Ellie

    too cute… and very good of you to go to the trouble of such a long post!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aw no worries at all Ellie, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • http://aichakubeautification.blogspot.com aichaku

    lovely post! i think you hv the perfect eyes and face shape for hime and gyaru style :D

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thank you so much for a lovely compliment Aichaku :D

  • http://thefashionatetraveller.blogspot.com/ Leanne

    Really interesting article, esp as I’m seeng it every day! Moreso the usual gyaru style though :) But haha I’m so being influenced by you guys – today I bought BB cream in Banila Co, then a bag tonight at Lip Service!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Heehee *evil influencing powers* Oh wow more than regular Gal? I suppose it’s all about suburbs and time frame really. I would be interested in seeing JD’s financial statements to see what they’re turning over now compared to then! Haha you’ll have to report back to me with some new trends!

  • Jaede

    Violet, such an interesting post, Thanks for sharing all that information.

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Any time Jaede, I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

  • http://le-vanille.blogspot.com Monique

    Loved this! Really adds to our confidence to be true to ourselves and dress as we like!
    Thanks a lot!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      No worries ^_^ I’m glad you guys seemed to enjoy it. Be confident and love what you wear!

  • http://bellainbindyland.blogspot.com/ Bindy

    Lovely & informative.

    But your blogs are always lovely as are you.


    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aww thanks Bindy!

  • http://www.cheeserland.com cheesie

    Great effort. I love this post vio. :)

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D:D:D Thank you Cheesie!

  • http://www.momoberi.net/ Milktan

    Thank for sharing, Violet! :3

    This was really well explained. I’ve always wondered the differences between Lolita and Hime since the two can easily be blended. :D

    Course, now I wonder, how Hime and Rococo can stand up against one another as I had seen a spread in … KERA that explained it as something starkly different. O: More Marie Antoinette, LARGE hair or white wigs styled large, LARGE bows, LARGE dress (still knee or ankle lenth), steel or heavy plastic hoop under skirts. @_@ the list went on.

    :] Maybe you can compare for us again? HAHA. No I don’t wanna work your pretty nails off your little hands. x.x They will cramp!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      I’m glad it could help explain the differences! The differences between Hime styles and Rococo are kind of difficult to explain. I haven’t seen the Kera spread you’re talking about but Hime style is inspired only by certain parts of Rococo period France. The actual Rococo period was indeed the time period that Marie Antoinette lived in with white wigs, crinolines etc. Hime style only takes slight aesthetic influences from there and mixes it with a lot of other things as well ^_^ Hope that helps!

  • http://kittysdrawings.com Esz

    Fabulous FAQ – I think it’s interesting the assumptions people make about particular styles of dressing. Yay to being able to wear something that makes you happy :-D And I think sourcing your clothes from different places adds more interest to your style than just buying entire outfits from one shop. :-D

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Yes I know what you mean about people’s assumptions ^_^ It can get very frustrating but I suppose it says more about the person making the assumption than the person wearing the clothes! I completely agree that clothes from everywhere=awesome. It’s all about putting it together in a good way!

  • http://www.nessbow.webs.com nessbow

    Thanks for this Violet! I have been wondering about Hime styles for quite some time now, and this has answered all my questions. This was a really fun read.

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      I’m glad to help ^_^

  • http://www.hearmumroar.com/ Hear Mum Roar

    That was a great intro to your style! I’ve always wondered about this stuff when you talk about it, it’s so interesting

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      I’m glad to be able to explain things a bit better :D

  • http://www.nakasnet.blogspot.com Naka

    this is great ^^

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thank you Naka ^_^

  • http://www.universal-doll.com Mitsu

    Loved loved loved loved this! I have to find fourty places to link this hehehe

    I am wondering if it’s the recession finally hitting some JD lovers. I feel like I see more sales for JD lately. Not like I’m complaining, although their 30% off only makes it still not affordable. >_<;;

    I hope hime continues, I think the style is lovely and really appreciate how hard hime girls work at their style <3

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      :D :D :D I was actually nervous about what you would think about this article because you’re so knowledgeable! I know what you mean about the recession, while most of the girls who are into JD were buffered by family members, there is only so long that can last for. I’ve been seeing the sales as well and while I’m not complaining, it really does say something about the economy of the subculture. Maybe we’ll be seeing more hime DIY and creativity. I love the style to death but sometimes I feel girls loose their creativity when they can just dress head-toe in JD and be set! :D Yay for hard working gals who are dedicated to their styles!

  • http://www.BessByers.com Bess

    Love this blog! Living in Asia, I see a lot of these items sold in stores. I didn’t know it was such a popular culture. I guess I’ve got a great idea for my next alter-ego photo shoot ^_^

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thank you very much ^_^ Oh you are so lucky to live somewhere that it’s so available, here in Brisbane there is very little :( If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask ^_^

  • http://celestila.blogspot.com Victoria

    I really like this article! I enjoy looking at hime fashion, and I draw quite a bit of inspiration from it. I love seeing how other girls wear the fashion as well. I think your description of it is wonderful. I’m always searching through antique stores, thrift stores, and stores you’d never think would have any hime things. I do find unique things that look cute and would cost triple the price if they were sold by Jesus Diamante. I can relate to your take on the hime style. <3

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thank you so much Victoria, I really think that hime fashion is different for everyone. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the article ^_^ I completely agree that finding interesting pieces from unexpected places can totally make an outfit ^_^

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  • http://Trinityangelina.com Wulufii-hime

    Squee! I’ve loved lolita forever, but it’s very difficult to wear because it’s so different, (especially as I live in the south in the US, where people wear camouflage or cowboy attire all the time -.-’, but I digress…), hime gyaru looks so much easier to wear and much more realistic! I had never heard of hime gyaru until I found your blog, and I have to say, this blog has made me fall head over heels for hime gyaru style, especially because all of your tutorials and such are so down to earth and budget conscious! Not to mention the cuts are so much more flattering for a plus size shape (mine, not yours lol, you’re so cute and tiny ^_^)! Do you perhaps have any tips for starting a hime gyaru wardrobe?

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Ah yes I’ve lived in places similar to how you describe :) Hime gyaru can be easier to wear than Lolita but it really does still attract a whole lot of attention, so if you’re trying not to stand out it might not be the right style! I’m really glad you could find some inspiration here! Hmm tips for a starting hime gyaru? Get some nice basic items like a really pretty dress, stockings and a good pair of heels then practice practice practice on hair and make up ^_^ I think styles like this always seem hard at first but it gets easier over time! Good luck and do let me know how you go, feel free to ask questions <3

  • Jes

    Hello! I just wanted to say you have a very cute website and you are a pretty girl with lots of ‘zaz’ :)
    Keep it up!

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Aww thanks so much Jes, what a lovely comment!

  • http://princessery.livejournal.com Korin

    I think a good FAQ to add would be “how do you get your hair like that!?” and link to a tutorial.

    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      Thanks so the suggestion :) There are several tuts on my Tutorials page so I’ll add in the question. Thanks for commenting!

  • Roro

    Oh my,

    You are Adorable.



    • http://www.bluecranedesign.net Violet

      That’s very lovely of you to say Roro!

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  • Pip

    Thank you very much for writing this! <3 ~ <(^-^<)
    I've become very interested in this style and there isn't a tonne of info out there like there is for other Japanese street fashions, and this article is so long and in-depth!!
    It's made me even more enthusiastic to try Hime-gyaru out properly for myself!!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Aww no worries Pip, I’m just glad it was helpful :D I hope you do try out the style, it’s a really fun one to wear!

  • Francesca

    I have to ask… I’m very new to this sort of thing I want to know what are some (about 15) items that you cannot hime-without?

  • naomi

    While this was nice and informative there are some things that can be misconstrued. I wear Gyaru and Lolita. Lolitas do not strive to look cute or look like dolls(this negates ero, punk, guro and gothic), however some girls in general may do this. Lolitas do not “graduate” into Hime Gyaru. While it is true that girls do transition and possibly leave one style for the other, it nornally isn’t viewed as a graduation. Many times you will see it as posted on sites as a “leaving” of Lolita. There is no reason that these fashions can’t be friends but these statements just leave an incomplete picture.
    It is impressive that you can make an outfitt out of so little and took the time to learn to sew. It was also a very good article on the whole. Putting information about your experiences probably helped a lot of people. I wish more gaijin would get out there and get crafty like you!

    • http://www.violetlebeaux.com Violet

      Thanks so much for your comment Naomi! This post is a couple of years old and while it was never meant to be a definitive guide it definitely could use an update! ^_^ To clarify the points you raised before I add it to my update list:
      - When referring to Lolita being associated with cuteness or a dollish look here I was only referencing the sweeter styles which Hime Gyaru is often misidentified as so I will clarify that in the update. I imagine there aren’t too many comparisons drawn with punk Lolitas styles haha!
      - As for the graduation statement, I personally agree that there is no reason a person can’t do both styles or use them as complimentary styles. In Gyaru Circles “Graduation” is a common term for leaving a Circle or moving from one style to another so that is the context I was using here. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone and not everyone who transitions between fashions or styles feels this way. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy fashions such as this as there is so much room for personal interpretation.
      Thanks again for writing and reading my blog, I’ve added this post to be list to be updated in the future <3