A Green Leaf Cardigan

Knitting break!

Continuing on in my adventures of cardigan making, I decided to try something a little more on the complicated side.  I chose Spice Trail from the East, a free pattern from Knitty which uses a few different stitch patterns. I did mine with some cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and switched to a short sleeve version so it was a bit more suited for Summer.

This was my first time doing a bottom up cardigan in pieces which was seamed together afterwards. I hated seaming it all together so much that I think I will convert all of my patterns to either top down or in the round to avoid ever having to do it again hahaha!


That said, the pattern was fun and easy to memorize quickly and while I didn’t love the leaves while I was working on them, they turned out to be a very striking pattern when completed.

018-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 002-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

It helps to have a good model.

003-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 004-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 005-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 006-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 007-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

My favourite part of the pattern was the eyelet cable rib. I want to use this on other projects because it’s stretchy but it lays really flat.

Omg so many seams:


014-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 015-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 016-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

I love the V pattern on the back!


021-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 022-Green-Knitted-Cardigan


Daisy Chains

Before I cut my hair… (in fact it was actually like last Summer >_> ) we went flower picking out in the suburbs so I could get some supplies to make fun resin things with. I ended up with a whole lot of flowers, but for the most part I picked daisies because they are my favourite. Melbourne is full of flowers in the warmer months and coming originally from a city that pretty much never had wild flowers, it’s like a beautiful fairy tale.


_1230670 _1230671_1230664 _1230672 _1230674 _1230675 _1230676 _1230678 _1230681 _1230684 _1230687
_1230699 _1230703 _1230717 _1230720 _1230722 _1230723 _1230726 _1230732 _1230734Lottie not so much…
_1230798 _1230802


Bee Mittens

After we went to Bendigo to look for yarn and the not-so-pink cliffs last year, Celina and I discussed in great detail the need for mittens. I mean it’s Melbourne and they’re only needed like once a year… but can’t hurt to have nice ones for that once a year?

I decided for mine I wanted to practice some colour work so I drew up a basic flip top and flip thumb mitten shape and added a honey comb pattern with a bee/wheat/crown motif on the front. I loved doing the colour work but I didn’t consider my colours well enough so the bee pattern is too pale. I’m considering embroidering over it… but I guess I’ll think about it when I need mittens again that one time next year haha!


000-knitted-bee-mittens012-knitted-bee-mittens 001-knitted-bee-mittens 002-knitted-bee-mittens 003-knitted-bee-mittens 004-knitted-bee-mittens 005-knitted-bee-mittens
007-knitted-bee-mittens 008-knitted-bee-mittens 009-knitted-bee-mittens 010-knitted-bee-mittens 011-knitted-bee-mittens


Crochet Autumn Leaves Scarf

My love for my red entrelac hat required a matching scarf. I wanted to use up the rest of the yarn as well as continue the theme of Autumn leaves. It was kind of successful? I combined a few different knitted patterns for the leaves but nothing worked quite well enough so I decided to crochet it… and while I like the results of the leaves individually I didn’t really like the end result so much because it’s hard to tell they’re leaves >_< Oh well maybe I’ll reuse them as some kind of crochet leaf bunting or something? Who knows!

012-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves000-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 001-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 002-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 003-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 004-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 005-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 006-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 007-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 008-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 010-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 009-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves

013-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 014-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves



A Knitted Alpaca!

This little guy was a great project to use up some left over yarn and he made a lovely gift! I made it up as I went along so there aren’t really any instructions but enjoy the photos!


017-Knitted-Alpaca000-Knitted-Alpaca 001-Knitted-Alpaca 002-Knitted-Alpaca 003-Knitted-Alpaca 004-Knitted-Alpaca 005-Knitted-Alpaca 006-Knitted-Alpaca 007-Knitted-Alpaca 008-Knitted-Alpaca 009-Knitted-Alpaca 010-Knitted-Alpaca 011-Knitted-Alpaca 012-Knitted-Alpaca 013-Knitted-Alpaca 014-Knitted-Alpaca 015-Knitted-Alpaca 016-Knitted-Alpaca

019-Knitted-Alpaca 020-Knitted-Alpaca 021-Knitted-Alpaca 022-Knitted-Alpaca



Oh hello!

Hello! Long time no see huh?

I really didn’t mean to disappear for so long and I appreciate all of the lovely messages checking on me!

My life has changed so much in the last 6 months and I thought it would be a good idea to address everything so everyone knows what’s going on as we all move forward because I miss you guys!

So where have I been? Well I mentioned back at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t going to push myself to make things that my heart wasn’t in and I was only going to be posting when it made me feel happy… so I guess the short answer is that I was waiting for it to make me happy again! 

I started blogging to meet people with similar interests and keep in touch with friends far away and over the years it snowballed into a job and then something that felt like an obligation to people who were relying on me which felt stressful rather than fun like I had intended originally. The blogosphere has changed so much since I started and the longer I continued, the more disconnected and tired I felt.

While I’ve been away, I still took all of the photos and videos like I always did, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything with them so I slowly faded out even on social media.

In the mean time, my life outside of the internet kept moving quickly… so for me it felt like no time at all. I threw myself into my artwork and started selling on Creative Market. I became obsessed with finding the perfect diary/planner and even opened an Etsy store selling stickers.

In terms of crafting I’ve been focusing on knitting and spinning. I have done a little bit of cross stitching but that was really just to make a cute case to hold my knitting needles. I’m still taking photos every day and looking forward to eventually upgrading my camera when a new one comes out and maybe getting a proper macro lens.

By starting from the ground up, I’ve settled into a routine which is making me really happy.

So where do we go from here? 

Well firstly, I won’t be doing any more tutorials for the foreseeable future, sorry!

If you need to get in touch with me for anything, please email me because I don’t always get notifications for comments and they tend to get buried quickly!

If you need customer service for my stores, please contact me via etsy or creative market, it’s the quickest and easiest way to keep track of things. I can’t answer customer service requests via social media sorry!

Blog- I think what’s been holding me back (as silly as it sounds) is having to come up with words… I think I want continue here maybe as a photo journal or similar. I might do a little redesign again as well because I’m tired of looking at my own face when I open it haha! So no promises but we will see how that goes!

Instagram- When I post things day to day it will be here! No promises on timeframes or replying to comments though.

Tutorial Youtube- I’m probably not going to upload anymore videos here. 

Vlogging YouTube- I do want to continue vlogging but it will be sporadic. I’m currently considering doing every day in December this year because it’s a tradition and I’m more energetic in summer.

Pinterest- I will be using Pinterest sporadically.

The VLB- I want to think that eventually I will start putting out the VLB again because I love it but at the moment I don’t have time. 

Other-  My Instagram photos will auto post here but I’m probably not going to check in very much if ever so please don’t expect replies:

  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Deviantart

I’m aware of the irony of how long this is considering that the words are what I’ve been having a problem with hahaha! So I guess this post is to check in and say hi and let you know that you’ll be seeing a bit less of me but the parts you do see will be more energised and happy!

Hope you are all really well!

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